New Shark Island Ride

New shark island ride is one of the kiddie and family amusement rides. It is suitable for different age group, so it is the best choice for the family trip to have fun. This ride is popular owing to attractive appearance and interactivity. People get lots of fun from this kind of amusement park ride. New shark island ride has high quality and creative design, and it has high safety. Kingtiger company puts this product as representative amusement rides because of active market response and huge technology application. So it is sensible for buyers to focus on this product in terms of attracting participants. What is more, new shark island can exist in the community, amusement park ride and theme park.

Shark Island Ride
Shark Island Ride

The Details about New Shark Island Ride

New shark island ride mainly consists of the central part and some cabins. The turntable can rotate 360 degrees and each cabin spins around the turntable. The main turntable has lots of ornaments. There are some beautiful and lovely marine animals on the turntable, including octopus, and sharks. Each small cabin is also amusing, which is composed of blue cabins. The activity is very interesting. When the ride starts, small blue cabins will turn around the central turntable. Participants can shoot the objectives of shark island. when objectives are aimed, they will do some interesting actions, such as spraying water, raising their hands. The shark ornament appears at the top of the turntable and spins as other ornaments. When it is aimed, it can also spray water.

New Shark Island Ride For Sale
New Shark Island Ride For Sale

Area: Φ12m
Equipment: Φ9.5m
Speed:4r/min, adjustable
Number of arms:6
Number of cabins:12

The water is under the big turntable and small cabins, so participants have a more real feeling about water fighting. The outside part of animal shape adopts high-quality FRP material, which is environmental, corrosion-resistant, and durable. New shark island ride has a great difference with other spinning rides. This ride includes water and interactive actions. Participants can have a small fight with big shark equipment. New shark island belongs to outdoor amusement equipment, so it is suitable for the outdoor amusement park.

New shark island is about five meters, so buyers should consider this data. Its speed is four runs per minute, and the speed is adjustable. This ride has six arms, and each arm has two cabins. The ride admits twenty-four passengers. New shark island ride has stable running speed and high safe guarantee. It is worth building such an amusement ride.

The Prospect of New Shark Island Ride

As a new type amusement ride, new shark island has a huge market, because participants want to try new one compared with common amusement rides. The animal shape can be customized according to different cultural habit. Besides, it is beneficial for children to develop their intelligence because children need to give a quick response when they are involved in the activity. It is a useful way to exercise children while they are playing. As a mature foreign trade company, Kingtiger Company can provide entire service for buyers. Meanwhile, Kingtiger Company also seeks long-term cooperator to realize mutual benefits.

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